Credit: Alasdair Lane, Alexander Ballinger

Club History

The Hillingdon Hawks BMX Club was started way back in 1981 by a family called The Bonwicks, whose son Geoff raced BMX. Ron Bonwick ran the Club and race meetings with military precision, a format which was taken on by the all the clubs and the association at the time. The Club was originally based at Kingshill Avenue in Hayes, Middx and successfully ran Nationals, Regionals, Gaywood Cup and Club meetings every Saturday. At one National they even had floodlights incase the event ran late, you have to remember that with over 1,000 riders and registration on Sunday morning in those days, things kind of ran late, I remember one National at Hounslow going on till 10.30pm with 5 & 6 year olds being woken up to race their Finals..... In the Club's heyday it had over 300 Members, with some of the best racers in BMX, Lee and Nicky Restall, Paul Roberts, Dean Iddiols, Chris and Bobby Hyde, Ian Fry, Jamie Staff, Ben Beasley and the list goes on and on.... My own sons raced their first races there at 3 years old and as they say the rest is history.... The Club had to move from Kingshill Ave in the late 80's and operated in name only, but had some of its best times, with annual coach trips to Slagharen, Euro events, Nationals etc.... Those trips have become part of UK BMX folklore with stories still being told to this day of the adventures We all had.... I am still mentally scarred...

The Hawks went into a partnership with Wycombe Wasps for a couple of years and then the offer of moving to Slough came along and we took it with both hands... Slough Swifts hosted the World's in 86 and the Euro's in 91, two of the biggest events to be held in this country up until that point. Also the first Club to have a hydraulic gate with lights in this country and it still worked to the day we took it out and replaced it. The first event the Hawks ran on the Slough track was the 96 British Champs and the following years the Club hosted Nationals each year and a second British Champs right up to their last major event @ Slough for the National over the Queens 50th Jubilee weekend in 2002... The Hawks have been National Club Champions numerous times and successfully won the BCBMX Club Championships at Slough and at Cheddar... One of the clubs greatest achievements was coming 1st-2nd-3rd in the Nat West Club Championships in the late 80's at Hounslow. On a sad note the Hawks have had to cease operating from Upton Court Park,Slough in 2001 due to increased vandalism and motorbike use on the site and moved to Lake Farm Country Park in Hayes on a full time basis. Now this brings us to the present and the Hawks after all those years have returned back home to where they started, Hillingdon, the birthplace of the Hawks. A place we can truly call our home, a place we can develop and grow and feel part of the local community. The current track was re-vamped 3 years ago to host the London Youth Games BMX Race Event and we have hosted many regional and local races since the track has been built. In 2009 the Hawks came 3rd overall in the National Series and we are currently the #1 Race Club in London. The Hawks had 3 National Champions in 2014 and also 3 British Champions. In 2016 The Hawks will celebrate 35 years in BMX, be prepared for the party and hopefully a brand new state of the art track and facility to top it off.

Scott Dick:
Hawks Club Historian and Current Club Chairman.
1984-2015. 31 years as Hawks BMX Member and Club Volunteer.


It’s a family affair!

Our success is almost certainly down to the army of parents and supporters we have. From helping to keep the track maintained to manning the BBQ, fixing bikes or picking up a broom, you’ll find there are plenty of ways to get involved and feel part of the club. BMX racing is great fun to take part in and watch but there’s a lot of work required to put on a race and at Hayes Hawks we like to put on a good race so the more volunteers the more opportunity there is to spread the load. So don’t be shy, we’d love you to get involved, just speak to a committee member and share in our enjoyment of putting on a great day.


Here’s a quick snapshot of who’s who because we know it can be quite daunting when you start a new sport and go to a club where it seems like everyone already knows each other. We hope these photos will help you to put a name to a face and know who to look for at the club if you have questions - but don’t forget we’re a friendly bunch so you can speak to anyone and if they can’t help they’ll find someone that can!

Scott Dick

Membership Secretary:
Margaret Dick

Vice Chairman:
Dennis Dell

Sam Way, Dawn Binnington

Bridget Head

Child Welfare Officer:
Claire Lucas

Marketing & Website:
Mark Warfield

Official Club Photographer:
Reece Lucas (Young volunteer)

General Committee Members:
Helen Yates. Claire Lucas John Merrick, John Tobin, Gary Young, Mark Jessup

Scott Dick Adam Buday Mark Warfield Sean Freeman Joe Brewer (Trainee)