Unlike other sports, you can try your hand at BMX racing without having to invest in expensive equipment, commit to or pay for long-term membership. All we ask is that you can ride a bike – you can take as long as you like to decide whether this is the sport for you!

Please view guidance for latest Covid guidelines here

Whether you are a complete beginner or an old hand we ask that you wear a long sleeved top, Jeans,NOTE: no track suit bottoms,leggings or shorts and trainers or flat soled shoes. If you have any knee or elbow pads we also recommend wearing these to give you extra protection. You will be required to wear a full-face helmet and gloves which can be hired from us if you don’t have your own.
We have a range of BMX bikes for you to hire from as little as £3 per session, however, you can ride the track if you have a dirt bike or freestyle bike, but have to remove stunt pegs. Sometimes it is easier to ride your own bike until you feel confident on the track and then use one of our race bikes. Why not give us a call to check beforehand if your bike is suitable?

Please view guidance for latest Covid guidelines here

Usually, Non members can take part in Saturday and Wednesday sessions from as little as £10.00. If need/want to hire a bike and safety equipment the cost is an additional £5 per person. Bike & Equipment hire on Sat only.

If you feel confident riding and would like to compete at any of the Hawks BMX races or at another club you can ride in a novice race. For more information see our racing section (please link to racing page)


The Hayes Hawks BMX track is a public track which means it is accessible to ride at any time without cost (except during club training sessions or races).

It is a regional standard BMX track so even if you are a seasoned expert we still recommend you take it slowly at first – the track has been known to catch out even some of our national champions! If you are a beginner we do NOT recommend riding the track unless you are in the presence of a qualified coach or a club volunteer. BMX racing is an extreme sport and accidents (even during practice sessions) can happen. Please visit our rules and safety page for more information. (please link to rule sand safety page)

Please click here for directions to the track or email to speak to a Hayes Hawks committee member.


Saturday Training Sessions

  • Breakfast Club 9.00-10.00am
  • Novice 10.00-11.00am
  • Intermediate: 11.15-12.30
  • Expert: 12.45-2.45pm

We hold training sessions every Saturday (subject to weather conditions and/or racing commitments). Non-members can turn up to any of the appropriate training sessions and ride from as little as £10.00. Please always check our Facebook group page for regular updates and information.

Wednesday Practice Sessions

6.30pm-7.45pm - Cost £5

Throughout the summer we hold an evening session on a Wednesday which is open to riders of all levels. Often this is just a practice session with Gate’s. And of course, there is always someone on hand to help and give advice. Note: No Bike or Equipment hire on Wed Nights.

Please always check our Facebook group page for regular updates and information. (link to facebook) Fun Days/Work Shops etc

We hold a variety of workshops and fun training sessions throughout the year via our own and other clubs’ professional trainers. Please join our Facebook group page to keep up to date with the latest news and information.


We currently have over 80 riders, a committee of 12 to manage the club and an army of parents, supporters and volunteers who help us keep the club running.

Annual membership is not compulsory. You can turn up at the club at any practice session and ride the track (subject to a fee). Membership, however, entitles you to participate in various club events, gives you a discount on all practice sessions/equipment hire as well as discounts throughout the year from various suppliers for BMX bikes, clothing and more.

To find out more about becoming a Hawks member, please email: or speak to any of the committee members at a training session.


  • Junior Membership (under 16)£10
  • Senior Membership (over 16) £20
  • Student Membership (16 & over) £15
  • Family Membership (1-2 adults + 2 or more riders in any age group) £25
  • To apply for full membership, please complete a membership form online for each applicant or ask for forms at the club.

Hawks BMX constitution


BMX racing is an extreme sport and at Hayes Hawks BMX club we request that you adhere to our safety equipment regulations and rules of the track for your own enjoyment and that of others.

Safety Equipment

To ride the track safely, we recommend riders wear the following at all times:-

  • Helmets (Open face skate style or full face)
  • Gloves
  • Long jeans (if wearing ¾ length shorts knee pads must be worn) Note: No track suit bottoms, shorts or leggings.
  • Long sleeve tops (if wearing short sleeves elbow pads must be worn)
  • Rubber soled trainers

General Rules

  • Any BMX or MTB must be in safe condition before any attempting to ride the track
  • All riders need to adhere to the safety equipment rules
  • Riders should only ride one way round the track (clock-wise from the start gate)
  • Riders should not cut across the grass areas, stop on the jumps or attempt anything that they feel is beyond their ability.
  • Beginners are not advised to ride the track without supervision
  • Dogs are not permitted on the track.
  • Non BMX bikes/scooters are not permitted on the track


If you’re new to BMX we request that you wear Jeans and a long sleeve top (whatever the weather) and a pair of trainers or flat soled shoes. This is for your own protection. We can supply you with a full-face helmet, gloves and a BMX racing bike. If you have knee or elbow pads we recommend you wear these as well.

Buying your own bike/equipment

After a few months of riding you may decide you want to purchase your own bike, safety equipment or helmet. There is lots of advice and help available to you at the track from members and parents so please do take advantage of this and speak to as many people as you can before you invest.

There are lots of good 2nd hand bikes available from approx £250/£300. Frame sizes for 20” race bikes come in all sizes from Micro mini (3-5 years), Mini (5-8 years), Junior (8-10 years),Expert XL(11-13 years) Pro (14+) and Pro XL and XXL for taller/older riders.

A good helmet is vital to do any form of BMX and again there is lots of help and advice available. You will find many suppliers at the regional and national races where you can try helmets, trousers and find many other BMX bargains



BMX Racing Terms

Don’t know your manual from your snap? Here’s our quick guide to BMX racing terms:-


lifting your front tyre off the ground whilst still pedalling


lifting your front wheel off the ground and freewheeling


Move your body up and down through jumps in a pumping motion


To pass another riders through a berm


Getting a fast start and being in the lead from the start gate


A BMX race – one of 3 qualifying races


Banked turn or corner on a BMX track


The crest or take-off point of a jump

Table-top – this can mean two things in BMX:

  1. A basic jump on a track with a middle section
  2. A classic trick done mid-jump leaning the bike over horizontally

Speed Jump

Single rounded roller jump


Steeper speed jumps set out in pairs – jump them or roll them


Steeper speed jumps set out in sets of 3

Rhythm Section

a combination of jumps placed close together to force riders to pump or manual through the section